Cheap WordPress Hosting – My First Date with Bluehost

How to Start a Profitable WordPress Blog on Bluehost – Step by Step Guide

How to Start a Blog on Bluehost in 2018. How to Buy Cheap WordPress Hosting Services from BlueHost Web Hosting: A Step-by-Step Guide for Buying the Best Web Hosting Services for your WordPress Blog. How to Start a Blog on Bluehost and Make Money in 2018. Cheap WordPress Hosting 2018 is on your to-do list. Right? Are you starting a blog? When the need for Cheap WordPress Hosting demands you to take action, you want to pay attention. Why? Because reliable, affordable wordpress hosting is at the heart of success for your WordPress blog. Bluehost web hosting may be all you need. We’ll see.

On my journey to find the best month to month hosting service for my blog, I was lost many times in the maze of web hosting companies. Still, I kept searching for true love in the world of web hosting services.


Then finally, I found my lady – the lady in blue: Bluehost web hosting. This is the story of my first date with Bluehost. In this kiss and tell episode, I will tell you how I bought my first web hosting plan from Bluehost.

Hopefully, this step-by-step account will guide you and make it easier for you to secure cheap and reliable web hosting services for your WordPress blog. or Which is Better?

Before I go further, it’s important to be clear: Am I talking about or Which is better?

Well, I am talking about – it’s the most recommended option. The reason is that may be totally free (you get both website and hosting almost for free). The downside here is that you’ll face so much restriction.

You’ll have little control over your life’s work! Very little advertising  will flow to you. Get this clear: very few people make money from is the king. The real deal. About 30% of websites are powered by, including Most websites you go to are most likely powered by This is where the action is. This is where the money is. So is what I’m talking about here.

Step 1: Cheap WordPress Hosting 2018 – My search for the best web hosting services

Are you ready for my kiss and tell? Wait a minute….I’m going to save the best for last. This is like a big love story. The kind of love story that Madonna and Taylor Swift will love to sing about. I will give you the scoop at the end of this page. I’m saving the best for last… 😎 

First, let me give you a step-by-step guide for buying your own Bluehost web hosting plan and install it lightning fast with 1-Click WordPress Install. That’s exactly how I started my own blog: How We Make Money Online .

The moment I landed on , the first thing I saw was the Cheap WordPress Hosting 2018 prices. The sweetest part was that, for every plan I’d buy, Bluehost would throw in a free domain. And they still do today. So I did what I had to do: I clicked on the “get started now” button (see the picture below).

cheap wordpress hosting

Step 2: Affordable WordPress Hosting – How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Plan from Bluehost

cheap wordpress hosting from bluehost web hosting

Talking about web hosting plans, I selected exactly what was best for me. I knew I was starting a new blog. It’ll take a little while before blogging income streams in. So I had to start lean and mean: I had to keep my expenses ultra-low. Got it.

I selected the cheapest web hosting plan: $2.95 per month from Bluehost (see above photo). Heck yeah! Of course, I suggest you do the same if needed: keep your expenses to the lowest level. Period.

Affordable Web Hosting: Monthly or Yearly. Which Plan is Best for You?

In choosing the best cheap web hosting plan from Bluehost, I struggled whether to buy a month-to-month plan or go with a yearly payment. I eyed monthly plans big time. Like other bloggers, I wanted to do month-to-month plan and stay in control of the whole deal.

Like I said before, I was watching my budget with an eagle eye. In the end though, I settled for the yearly plan. I paid everything in one shot. Why? Because I made my calculation and figured that if I went with the month-to-month plan, I will end up paying something like $79 or so.

With the yearly plan, guess what my total bill was: $59.40 .  $59.40 is peanuts.  Big savings! You do the math…lol 🙂  (See my actual bill below)


cheap wordpress hosting - bluehost web hosting

Cheap WordPress Hosting from Bluehost: Mistakes to Avoid

In choosing an affordable wordpress hosting plan from Bluehost, I was too obsessed with saving nickel and dime. I made a big mistake. My tip for you: don’t do what I did. Don’t make the same mistake I made. Want to know my mistake? Before I give you the scoop, remember this: focus on getting secure, low-priced wordpress hosting from Bluehost!

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cheap wordpress hosting - the best cheap wordpress hosting

Want to know my mistake? Well, here it is: Instead of paying about $2 per month for added website security, I declined it. I was too stingy. 😎   And I paid a big price for this mistake. As soon as I activated my domain name and my website went live, I began to receive tons of automated calls from all over the world .

The calls came from web designers who wanted to do business  with me. Loads of robocalls hitting me morning, afternoon, evening and nights. For days! Talk about unwanted solicitation!  Ugh!

My advice to you: pay for the added security from SiteLock offered by BlueHost. SiteLock protects your privacy and blocks malware attacks (see above). You’ll get peace of mind from SiteLock! Go for it!


Step 3: Affordable WordPress Hosting Set Up: Install WordPress with 1-Click!

cheap wordpress hosting by bluehost web hosting

What makes Bluehost #1 in cheap wordpress hosting is that Bluehost partnered with WordPress right from the beginning of the internet boom. And they are still partners today. Bluehost is actually recommended by WordPress.

For me, this was a major selling point that won me over. So all I did was go to Bluehost’s control panel, filled in my information (as in above and below photos), and with a few clicks, boom! Everything was done. The whole process was seamless and effortless. Easy-peasy!


cheap wordpress hosting - secure, reliable, cheap wordpress hosting from bluehost

Step 4: Low Price WordPress Hosting – Verify Your Email and Activate Your Website!

The truth is, forget getting cheap wordpress hosting 2018 . The real deal, the real inner joy comes from watching your website come alive! That magical feeling that you’re now part of the global internet community. Like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc, you can write something like I am doing right now, it comes alive on the internet and anybody can read it worldwide! 

This is the feeling I got when I verified my email  address for Bluehost. This is an important requirement for your domain ownership to be verified. Bluehost will send you a verification email (see below). Go into your email and verify and you’re done! Yay! Congratulations! You’re now part of the prestigious internet community. 😎 

 Step 5: WordPress Blog Hosting on Budget – Choose Your WordPress Theme

Now that your domain name is activated, what you have is a shadow website. A shell website. It’s time to add some flesh and blood to it. It’s time to choose your WordPress theme. Here, with too many WordPress themes, be careful not be overwhelmed.

I picked my theme for a number of reasons: a responsive theme that works well on all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, etc); must be SEO friendly; must be compatible with most plugins and the style must fit my niche or blog idea.

Of course, other factors may come into play but these are the main points to remember when you pick your theme (see below).

cheap wordpress hosting - bluehost web hosting services

Step 5: Low Budget WordPress Hosting 2018 – Final Step – Set Up Custom Email Accounts

Now that you have your own website, it’s time to leave the nests of Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and others. With your cheap wordpress hosting now powered by Bluehost (hopefully), go ahead and set up custom emails using your own domain name. Yeah, you’re now becoming a fully legit member of the royal internet club….lol (see below)

cheap wordpress hosting - bluehost web hosting plans

Bluehost Customer Support for Low Budget WordPress Hosting

Now that you’re all set and your website is live, Bluehost won’t leave you out in the cold. Bluehost will stand by you for as long as needed. I remember when I was setting up my custom email for How We Make Money Online, I needed help urgently.

I checked into Bluehost’s online chat support and within minutes, I got all the support I needed. Happy camper!


cheap wordpress hosting - bluehost web hosting services for wordpress blogs

 Kiss and Tell Story – My Date With Bluehost.

Now back to my kiss and tell story – my date with Bluehost. In looking for the right “girl” to do my low price, profitable wordpress hosting, I searched near and far for true love. I looked around hard. I checked out the girl next door. I also checked out the girl in the next town. I tried the city girl and checked out online dating. Still, I couldn’t find true love

Until I “met” Bluehost. Of course, the cheap hosting plan and the its 1-Click WordPress install made get closer to Bluehost. But what really, really made me fall in love with Bluehost was a recommendation by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of MakingSenseofCents fame.

Long story short, I landed on The Work at Home Woman, a blog run by Holly Reisem Hanna, another amazing “mom blogger”. Holly was talking about her friend Michelle, so I landed on Michelle’s website too.

Well, I found Michelle so inspiring. Here was a gorgeous young lady baring her soul about her struggles with money, debt, education and her search for a more fulfilling life. Her wedding, husband, travels and all. It was magical. She really resonated with me.

Of course, she also talked about making over $120, 000 a month blogging. Hey, I loved that 😎 .  But the real moment came when she recommended Bluehost . I was finally sold. This is what made me click on the ‘BUY NOW’ button at And you know what, I made sure I bought it directly from Michelle’s website.

This is my love story. My first date with Bluehost went very well. Guess what, I’m still seeing her now…It’s like “Papa Don’t Preach, I’m Keeping My Baby”….the lady in blue…Bluehost.

( Reader’s Note : When writing this blog post, I was looking for a great video or song to make it fly. Then I remembered Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach…”, a song I love. I just didn’t know that the album was titled True Blue. True Blue. Think Bluehost. Wow, again, I was so inspired! Magical!!! So I put Madonna’s album photo and the video below for you. For those who want something “newer”, I added Taylor Swift’s Love Story for you. Enjoy! )

cheap wordpress hosting - bluehost web hosting - wordpress blogs

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