56 Highest Paid Online Survey Sites for Extra Money 2018

So you’re looking for the most legitimate highest paid online survey sites. And you want to know the best ways to earn extra money online fast. Have you ever madehighest paid online survey sites extra money from any online survey site? Taking online surveys is one of the best online side jobs in today’s economy. You can, without much of a hustle, make extra money by taking these online surveys; and consequently, you will get paid for your effort and time. No other home-based business opportunity is all the more simple and engaging like this one; and for this reason, an ever increasing number of individuals are now making extra money fast with these best paid online survey websites. Best paid online survey websites like Fusion Cash, Swagbucks and Ibotta have already paid millions of dollars in cash or gift card rewards to their members.

But before jumping into this field you must first know how to find the best online survey sites and where to locate genuine survey opportunities.  (there are affiliate links on this page; see our disclosure below. Thanks for your support).

For best results, it’s easier to make extra money from online survey websites when you use the best laptop computers or desktop computers.

The best online survey websites can deliver cool rewards for anyone – in cash and kind to people from grown-ups to teens.

Taking online surveys from the highest paid online survey sites is one way to make extra money from home. There are more legitimate ways to make extra money. The following ideas can help you to make substantially more money and work from home;

A large number of survey companies will require no upfront fees for the huge number of online surveys they have available for you. From experience, the idea is that the more survey companies you join, the more paid surveys there are for you to do, and therefore, the more cash you make, giving you the opportunity to consistently take an interest in the offers from these companies.

Highest Paid Online Survey Sites for Extra Money: What You Need to Know to Get Started

To make money from online surveys requires enduring persistence since you might not qualify for all surveys in view of your unique socioeconomic background.

The best online survey sites will require you to be honest when you submit your opinions and ideas. This helps the site and the company.

Of course, Proofreading Jobs from Home and Pinterest Virtual Assistant Jobs can make you substantially more money, still, online surveys can be a fun way to make extra money from home. Some of the best-paid survey sites can be so much fun to work with. You make extra money and have fun too. A number of the best online survey companies will send you messages revealing to you when your opinion, thoughts, or data is required for their specific study.

They will likewise let you know the conditions required. You can get cash rewards and in addition opportunities to participate in contests and sweepstakes for prizes. The majority of the money rewards are between $5-$15. Based on your demographics, your opinions and ideas might even be worth up to $50.00, and even more!

Most of this survey sites give bonuses for referring people to the platform. You can receive $2 per person that you refer, and you can make $1 for indirect referrals.

Being offered a signup bonus of $5 or more, while offering you a survey a day, is an added incentive for many people.

Some of these best online survey companies not only give money as reward but also give vouchers for Amazon and big box stores. So if this all sounds reasonable to you, check out our list of 56 highest paid online survey sites below for some of the best online survey sites available.

If you haven’t tried one already, a survey site is basically a database of companies that will pay you, or give you other rewards, if you fill out a survey about their products. You can also accomplish this by attending focus groups, watching commercials, giving your opinion and trying out new products. The trick here is that these companies need a good review from consumers concerning their products and services.

These companies are willing to pay for that feedback and that’s where you come in.

Highest Paid Online Survey Sites for Extra Money – How to Get Started with Paid Online Survey Websites.

Here’s how to get started with Paid Online Survey Websites;

Use the following guidelines to test these sites before signing up:

  • Give it a shot for free – try it for free. Select any one of the below online survey sites and try it out for free. You may try up to 6 of them or more at a time.
  • We highly suggest you start with Fusion Cash, Swagbucks or Ibotta. On this blog, we have personally made money from Fusion Cash, Swagbucks and Ibotta.Many of our readers and subscribers have made money from these three survey companies too. So we know 100% that these three online survey sites work. 
  • These three are among the most trusted and legit paid online survey websites. They have already paid tens of millions of dollars to their members. And you can redeem your cash or gift card reward fairly easily.
  • Below are more paid online survey websites you can try for free. Sometimes the sweetness of the pudding is in the eating. Trying them for yourself gives you real proof. Nothing beats that.
  • So make sure you can really do this as long as possible. Search for and sign up for paid online surveys from legit companies that have already paid millions of real money and rewards to their members. You may also read reviews about each survey site before you sign, as we have done below.
  • Pick the one that looks the best, according to your own research. You will always have an good options, as a rule, so don’t stress excessively. Remember, there are always legitimate ways to make extra money.
  • Pick a number of survey companies, try them for about a month and rate them.
  • After about a month of trying them out, based on your own experience, choose the top 3 to 6 paid survey websites that have worked for you. Then work with them for as long as possible.

56 Highest Paid Online Survey Sites for Extra Money

Below is the list of 56 Paid Online Survey Websites to sign up with;

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is probably the most popular paid online survey site in the world. where reviews are only one approach to procure focuses that you can reclaim for money or prizes. They have paid over $195 million in cash and gift card rewards to their members like you.

At Swagbucks, you get paid in cash or gift cards for taking online surveys, browsing the web, playing games, watching videos online, shopping; the most important part is completing relevant online surveys.

One of the best ways to win with Swagbucks is to download their browser extension; it will tell you every time there is reward to be gained in any site you visit. They make it easier to find rewards.

Millions of members like Swagbucks on the grounds that they make it very easy to redeem your points or rewards. Sometimes they do special deals and that enables members to redeem them for less points. You can redeem your points for PayPal money or gift cards starting at $5 or less..

  1. Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash is one of the most trusted paid survey websites in the United States. It is similar to Swagbucks. Many readers and subscribers of this blog have already made good money from Fusion Cash. They have a variety of cool surveys and short tasks that anyone can perform and earn extra cash fast. Their cash and gift card rewards are also easy to redeem. You could even make $5 just to sign up with Fusion Cash.

Fusion Cash pays you by PayPal or other gift cards.

  1. Survey Savvy

They are one of the highest paid survey sites. It is a must see survey site to visit, because the more you take surveys, the more money you earn. You can participate in a simple survey in few seconds and earn $2 or more.

  1. PinCone Research

This is one of the most exclusive online survey websites; the official website is Pinconeresaerch.com. The site is so exclusive because you cannot register on the platform yourself, you have to be invited to assess the site since there is only a login tab on the site. They will send you good quality surveys and you get rewarded.

  1. Parent Speak

It is a survey that is so unique because it targets only parents. It picks topic or surveys related to parenting. You receive rewards for sharing your parenting ideas.

 6. KidsEyez

It’s a Chicago based marketing research company. Their surveys are aligned towards what the kids make use of like toys, TV shows, electronics, and the likes. You earn a point at the end of each survey known as kids point. Teens get to shape future products and services and still get rewarded.

 7. TeensEyes

This survey is for teens between the age of 13 to 18. Their surveys are based on products and services that teens make use of like TV shows, Snacks, movies, etc. You can receive $5 just for signing up.

  1. Nielsen Digital Voice Research Panel

Nielsen Digital voice is an independent organization that has a variety of online surveys. This independent organization focuses on shaping the digital world and providing holistic analysis of the market and consumer behaviour while using their computer. Parent company Nielsen is probably the most trusted survey company. You will get rewarded in different ways by Nielsen Digital Voice, including a chance to be entered into $10,000 Monthly Sweepstakes.

  1. MySurvey

It is one of the largest paid online survey sites. You get paid for even products tests. As of now, they have paid more than $130 million to their members worldwide. They conduct studies for some of the world’s largest consumer brands. With a $10 minimum payout, MySurvey makes it easy to redeem your online survey rewards.

Highest Paid Online Survey Sites for Extra Money

  1. Global Test Market

You earn market points for every survey completed on this platform. They have tons of surveys available to complete each month, so you can earn more on the platform. The official website is globaltestmarket.com. This is one of the most legit survey sites to make extra money.

  1. Valued Opinions

The ValueOpinions survey platform was created in 2004 and it covers a wide range of consumer product surveys related to clothing, electronics, TV shows, entertainment and so on. With more than 3 million members, you can earn up to $5 per survey.

  1. VIP Voice (NPDOR)

The official website is vipvoice.com. The company has been conducting survey studies since 1976. It is one of the longest-running online survey sites. You get points for completing each survey studies. Want to feel more VIP treatment? Then sign up with VIP Voice online surveys.

  1. Microsoft Playtest

This survey site is for gamers and sports lovers. You get rewards for completing each task like free software and free games. Here is an exciting platform every gamer should sign up for. 

  1. Ipsos I-Say

The official site is iPsosisay, and the minimum amount of withdrawal is 500 points. Here you earn points called I-say points; the more you complete tasks, the more you earn rewards. And you get paid immediately to your account after completing each survey task.

  1. Loyalty points

This company makes it easy to “track, exchange and redeem” your points or rewards from loyalty programs. For every task completed on this platform, you earn loyalty points. Doing a simple task and earning some points will be what everyone will be excited about.

  1. Toluna

The official website is toluna.com, you earn about 3000 to 6000 points for completing each task. Toluna is one of the best paid online survey websites. With more than 10 million members, Toluna is one of the best online survey sites in the United States. They offer generous PayPal cash and gift card rewards; you’ve got to experience the Toluna magic.

  1. Survey Junkie

One of the best survey sites. You could earn more rewards and find more interesting surveys. That’s because survey Survey Junkie has been around for decades. There are over 3 million members on this platform. Even for as low as $10, you can redeem your survey rewards in PayPal money or gift cards.

It is one of the highest rated and paid survey sites and has gotten good reviews and feedback from its users. One of the interesting parts of the site is that you can sign up for free.

  1. MindSwarms

Mindswarms is a mobile video sharing platform that provides researchers, developers and storytellers access to the wisdom of the mindswarms community through paid research studies. An example is 1-8 questions that participants answer by recording 1 to 2 minutes video responses using the mindswarms site or app. You can make about $5-$50 and sometimes more per study, within 24 hours via PayPal.

  1. Catch Panel

Catch Panel is another cool paid survey company. Have you at any point wished to give your cool opinion to a company that you adore? Have you ever felt like shaping products before they hit the market? In many ways, that is precisely what you can do with Catch Panel.

Big companies need to know your input and will pay you for it. Big brands they have worked with include Bose, Nestle, Walmart, McDonald’s, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Get paid in Amazon gift card too. Plus more.

Catch Panel makes it easy to redeem your points. If you shop on Amazon, you can redeem your reward codes electronically. Easy.

Best Paid Online Survey Sites for Extra Money

  1. Pinecone Research

One of the best paid online survey sites is Pinecone Research. They have an exceptionally specific sign up process you can try for free.

To sign up with Pinecone Research, go to their home page here. If your sign up is approved, you will be paid $3 for each survey you complete. 

For this company, you can redeem points for money or prizes. You will also get an approved $3 reward for joining. You learn more about products before they hit the market and you can influence which products make it to the market place. 

  1. InboxDollars

InboxDollars has paid more than $57 million to their members. It’s an extremely adaptable online review webpage as you can gain rewards for taking surveys, playing web based games, browsing through the web, downloading coupons, finishing selected offers, shopping on the web, and watching video recordings.

Right now, InboxDollars has paid more than 57 million dollars in prizes. They pay with money or with gift vouchers.

Note: the main thing is that the base payout is $30, which is a little higher than other paid online survey websites. Still, you do get a $5 join reward and can stack up points rapidly by using InboxDollar’s creative survey sytem.

  1. Vindale Research

Vindale Research will always send you lots of surveys to take. With more than $6,000,000 in payouts, Vindale Research is another legitimate online survey website. Vindale will analyze your background in terms of education, income, and other demographics before they approve you and give you appropriate online surveys. Survey areas may change at any point, and you can hope to answer questions related to travel, electronics, hardware, autos, most loved eateries, and governmental related survey questions.

  1. Panel PayDay

You earn here easily by completing simple online surveys and get paid immediately to your account.

  1. Panda Research

Panda Research pays you for various short survey tasks performed. They may require phone verification when you request payment to ensure your identity is correct. That’s how they protect their members.

  1. Springboard America

Here’s another cool online survey site. Springboard America is an online survey site that pays you for your cool opinion and surveys taken. Where eligible, they may also add you to entries to win prizes, some of which can be as high as $1,000 depending on your background.

  1. The Harris Poll

Of all survey companies, one of the most well-known online survey companies is called The Harris Poll. They are fully legit and have been in the online survey business for many years and you can earn as much as possible on their platform.

  1. EarningStation

EarningStation gives you the chance to win gift vouchers or PayPal money by completing online surveys, watching video recordings, playing games, obtaining select offers through Groupon, opening EarningStation email, and referring friends.

You can likewise win a back to back, day by day continuous reward by getting survey offers like ten days in succession.

  1. National Consumer Panel

Their quarterly sweepstakes award is $20,000, and you receive a free entry when you complete the shopping surveys.

  1. Global Test Market

It is absolutely free to join one of the best survey sites which is Global test market, and you start earning immediately.

Highest Paid Online Survey Sites for Extra Money

  1. Ipoll

One of the amazing part of this survey site is that It allows you to take multiple surveys and complete the additional tasks. That might not be possible if you access iPoll from your computer when you download their App on your Andriod and Apple devices. And you start earning immediately.

  1. MyPoints

MyPoints is another online survey website like Swagbucks. They help you to gain cash and other rewards by completing surveys and other related studies.

  1. MobileXpression

You can earn cash, gift cards, or merchandisefor performing simple tasks on your mobile devices.

  1. American Consumer Opinion

It’s important to note that American Consumer Opinion is fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This gives you the level of confidence needed to sign up and make extra money with them. With American Consumer Opinion, you can make extra money by taking surveys, testing new brand advertising, evaluating new products and so much more.

  1. YouGov

 YouGov came to being in the year 2000. It collects consumer opinion and data from all over the world. And you earn on this platform as long as you can share your opinion and complete simple tasks. Rewards can be redeemed for even as little as $5.

  1. LifePoints

LifePoints is a mobile survey app that compensates you on every survey completed. You can always Redeem points for gift cards, e-gift certificates, or via PayPal.

  1. Valued Opinions 

You earn up to $5 per survey on this platform for a Visa cash card or gift cards to Amazon, Southwest Airlines, Restaurant.com.

Highest Paid Online Survey Sites for Extra Money

  1. E-Poll

You can easily get started on this platform with just 3 steps to become a member. Complete the sign up survey process to earn 100 points. Which can be paid to your PayPal or redeem as cards.

  1. Nielsen Mobile and Computer Panel

For more than 90 years, Nielsen has been a leader in offline and online surveys. Today, Nielsen is still one of the most trusted survey companies for making extra money. Go to their website and check out Nielsen Mobile and Computer Panel.

  1. LatinoEyes

If you speak Spanish, LatinoEyes could be good news for you. LatinoEyes is an online network particularly for U.S. Latinos. They help gather assessments on an assortment of study subjects.

  1. Survey Spot

On the off chance that you need to take reviews for visit flier miles, it is conceivable with Survey Spot. Furthermore, you can likewise get paid with PayPal money or gift vouchers for Amazon and iTunes.

  1. CashCrate

CashCrate likewise enables you to acquire cash through an assortment of exercises. You can profit taking on the web studies, testing new items, agreeing to accept new applications and administrations, playing amusements, winning challenges, shopping, and alluding companions.

  1. Panel Station

There are more than 2.7 million registered members on this platform. They also disburse over $2 million each year to members.

  1. OneOpinion

OneOpinion is among the best online survey sites for making extra money. If you are unable to complete a survey, you will earn 50 points as a compensation to your efforts.

 44.Opinion Outpost

Opinion OutPost gives you a chance to earn extra money as long as you answer relevant questions on their site. It is one of the most legit paid survey sites.

  1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google is constantly searching for creative ways to improve user experience. Enter Google Opinion Rewards. Google will pay you $1 for every survey; payment will be made in Google Play credit after you answer a number of questions about Google.

  1. Jobs 2 Shop

Like most survey companies, Jobs 2 Shop will pay you to take pre-determined online surveys, read sponsored e-mails, play online games, test new products, become a mystery shopper, and even earn cash back while shopping online. You also have a chance to earn $5 for every friend you refer to Jobs 2 Shop online surveys.

47. SurveySheep 

If you want to make some extra cash, Survey Sheep is at your service. First, make sure to properly sign up for SurveySheep; then complete your profile as required.

You can choose your preferred categories to take the surveys and earn extra money. While your choices may not guarantee you will get a survey for a chosen category, of course, the more categories you select the better your odds of receiving an invite.

Remember: survey companies only pay you after you complete each online survey successfully.

  1. CVS Advisor Panel

It takes just about 15 minutes to sign up for CVS Advisor Panel. Everyone can join and make extra money from home as long as you answer the right survey questions and follow the rules.

49. Palm Research

In this Survey, you make money by taking simple surveys.  You will even earn more if they select you for an “ad-hoc survey” based on your demographic profile.

Best Paid Survey Sites for Extra Money

50. Savvy Connect

SavvyConnect is a market research platform that accepts data as you surf the internet. You get paid for speaking out your mind, then get about $5 for installing their free app each month. It’s as simple as that.

Savvy Connect is also one of the best paid online survey websites. 

  1. Knowledge Panel

KnowledgePanel will award 1,000 points ($1) for every survey you complete. They will give you a $10 bonus for the first survey you finish. You can expect tocomplete a survey in a week which will take about 5-10 minutes.

  52. Medical Advisory Board

It has a 5-star rating with the Better Business Bureau. You earn points as you complete a survey on this platform, You earn 1$ when you have 100 points which can be withdrawn to your PayPal account.

  1. Small Business Knowledge Center

Completing simple tasks here will earn you some points, which can be redeemed to your Paypal account.

 54. Microsoft Playtest 

Here is another high paid survey sites that you can get paid to test the latest video games. You can play Xbox, PC or both. Children under the age of 12 can also play this game to earn extra money once their parents can be their guarantor.

  1. NiceQuest Online Surveys

 For each survey you complete, NiceQuest will reward you with points (also known as shells) You can redeem their points for gift cards to your favorite store such as Amazon, and also selected restaurants across the United States. Where necessary, they will ship for FREE.

  1. 20/20 Panel Paid Surveys

There are lots of opportunities on this platform, you earn extra income from $50 to $150 for completing each surveys which might be testing a new cell phone or visiting a restaurant


Highest Paid Online Survey Sites for Extra Money – Conclusion

Online survey sites offer a great degree of freedom and flexibility to make extra money from home, whenever you want and from wherever you want, as long as you have internet.

If the best paid online survey sites do not fully meet your expectations, below are creative ways to make substantially more money from home;

While online surveys may not necessarily make you a millionaire, survey companies make a real positive difference in the lives of real people.

If one of the above 56 highest paid online survey sites for extra money appeals to you, go for it. Your bank account and your kitchen table will thank you very much.



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