20 Live Chat Jobs from Home 2018: Online Chat Jobs Make $15 to $24/hr

20 Online Chat Jobs from Home: Make $15 to $24/hr with the Best Live Chat Jobs from Home.

Live chat jobs from home have become one of the most popular work at home jobs. Just like data entry jobs.

Whether you call it live chat jobs, online chat jobs, email and chat jobs or remote live chat jobs, more and more people prefer chat jobs because they are simply live chat jobs from homeconvenient and also offer high paying work at home opportunities. (see our affiliate disclosure below).

For example, because no phone calls are usually involved, online chat jobs enable stay at home moms to work at home and conveniently take care of their children at the same time. Other non-phone work from home jobs that have made money for many people include proofreading jobs from home, Pinterest virtual assistant and affiliate marketing.

20 Remote Companies Hiring for Online Chat Jobs: Please read more below and see 19 more companies regularly hiring for chat jobs.

Live Chat Jobs from Home: Online Chat Jobs Make $15 to $24/hr

In this post, we will review Zapier Live chat jobs from home and also list several online chat jobs from home that you can apply for today and make extra money.

Zapier is one of the best remote companies to work for. The company’s operations are almost fully remote, with employees working from around the world in their own homes. Zapier also pays their virtual employees very well including;

  • Offering great salaries and benefits
  • Flexible working hours
  • Make between $15 and $24/hr (according to Glassdoor salary data)
  • Generous vacation benefits

20 Online Chat Jobs from Home

Like every growing remote company, Zapier is a small, fast-growing, and remote-first company, so you’ll likely get experience on many different projects across the organization. That said, here are some things you’ll probably do:

  1. Assist customers via email or chat to ensure they have the best experience possible (teammates tend to send 60+ emails every day), troubleshooting their problems and answering their questions.
  2. You will write documentation to help users help themselves (all the documentation on our help site is written and maintained by the support team: https://zapier.com/help/)
  3. Also, work with the product team to build tools that will speed up and increase the quality of support at the same time
  4. Note: this is a startup so everything can change as the company grows.

Live Chat Jobs from Home: Online Chat Jobs Make $15 to $24/hr

In the company’s own words, Zapier is committed to paying their employees well, even if they work remotely. According to Glassdoor salary information, Zapier is one of the best paying remote employers. Even though Zapier did not disclose hourly salary for this email and chat jobs, you can expect to be paid between $15 and $24/hr. This estimate is based on our analysis of Glassdoor salary data for Zapier.

You can work at home from anywhere in the world, as long as there is internet.

Live Chat Jobs from Home: Online Chat Jobs Make $15 to $24/hr

How To Apply

Zapier has a non-standard application process. To jump-start the process, they ask a few questions they normally would ask at the start of an interview. This helps speed up the process and lets them get to know you a bit better right out of the gate. 

After you apply for their online chat jobs, you are going to hear back from them, even if you don’t seem like a good fit for the company. In fact, throughout the application process, they strive to make sure you never go more than seven days without hearing from us. This is truly a cool remote company!




20 Online Chat Jobs from Home: More Companies to Apply 

19 Remote Companies Hiring for Online Chat Jobs: Please read more below and see 19 more companies that regularly hire for chat jobs;

1.The Chat Shop

The Chat Shop is one of the most well-known companies that regularly hires chat agents to work from home. Based in London, the U.K, The Chat Shop usually hires live chat agents in all 50 states, and also in other countries. They pay up to $19/hr, but hourly pay rate depends on experience and city of employment.

2.Afni Chat Jobs from Home  ($11 to $12/hr)

Afni is another remote employer that hires for online chat jobs from home. You can make between $11 and $12/hr. They hire for Web Chat Customer Sales Representatives and other positions in multiple states across the United States. Some chat agent positions may receive commissions in addition to base pay.


KellyConnect is one of the biggest work at home employers. While they almost always have regular customer service work at home jobs, every now and then they have online chat jobs. You can always apply to KellyConnect. One of the companies they work with is Chanel, the famous Paris-based cosmetic giant.

Apple Online Chat Jobs

If you are looking for probably the biggest and most dedicated work at home companies, it is Apple. Yes, Apple Inc, the maker of iPhone and iPad. They always have work at home jobs. Apple provides free computers for their work at home employees. Among Apple’s remote jobs, you will find live chat jobs from home. Apple has dedicated official programs for work at home jobs, with full benefits.


Packlane also hires for email and chat jobs from home.


Support.com almost always offer virtual job opportunities. They are always hiring. While most of their jobs are customer service or phone based, they also have live chat job opportunities. Sometimes, their online jobs can be a combination of both phone-based and chat agent jobs.

Live Chat Jobs from Home

6.Arise Chat Jobs

Arise provides  home-based business opportunities like “home-based micro call centers, run by stay-at-home moms, veterans, college students, retirees and other entrepreneurial-minded individuals”.  Many of their jobs or opportunities involve online chat support services.

7.Alorica.com Make $12 to $12.50/hr

Alorica provide customer support to some of the biggest brands, including American Express. Their work-at-home employees provide “customer support through phone, email, online chat or social media to customers who have questions, concerns or confusion around a particular product or service”.  Alorica recently raised their hourly rates from about $9 to around $11 to $12/hr.


Bluehost is one of the biggest web hosting companies. But they also hire online chat agents to work from home. Their online jobs include web chat representatives, sales support and customer support. Go to their website, then go to careers and type in “chat jobs”.


Like Bluehost, SiteGround is another web hosting provider. SiteGround is simply one of the best hosting providers, with free domain names, free SSL and lightning-fast page loading speed. They almost always hire for remote jobs, including online chat jobs.


Indeed.com is always posts live chat jobs from home. Every time. Indeed is the #1 job site and there is no better place to look for online chat jobs.


Flexjobs also posts live chat jobs. However, many of their jobs are a bit too advanced for ordinary folks. Also, they post little to no free jobs, unless you subscribe to their paid service. Still, FlexJobs is a great place to get more remote jobs tips.


Like Indeed, Glassdoor is a powerhouse for regular jobs and also work-at-home jobs. Many, many chat jobs can be found on Glassdoor, including salary and benefits information.


Fiverr.com is a great place to find online chat jobs and side gigs. Of course, you may not easily find regular paid jobs on Fiverr, however, you will find many side jobs which will require online chat support. So indirectly, Fiverr offers amazing opportunities to make extra money from remote live chat jobs.


Just like Fiverr, Upwork could also land you some side jobs. However, if you really want to make extra money fast, Fiverr.com is much much better.

Online Chat Jobs from Home


Fiverr.com is preferred if you want to make money online fast and easily. Still Freelancer is a good place to look for chat job opportunities.

15.ModSquad.com Online Chat Agent Jobs

ModSquad offers online moderation jobs. You will become a moderator for various forums and social media. Much of your will work will be done through online live chat. ModSquad is a dedicated remote company and they are almost always hiring.


LivePerson is a company that provides customer care to many of the world’s biggest brands including IBM, Intuit and Microsoft. LivePerson provides remote support including live chat jobs from home.

Some of their jobs include live chat jobs from mobile apps which are truly creative.

17. Sykes Chat Agents

Much of their online jobs involve phone support, however, Sykes can sometimes hire for remote chat jobs. In terms of work-at-home jobs, Sykes is one of the biggest and best employers to apply to.

They are almost always hiring and they also offer full time jobs with employee benefits.

18. Sutherland Customer Service Chat Support

Sutherland is another dedicated work from home employer. While many of their jobs may be phone-based, they sometimes hire for live chat jobs from home.

19. Needle Online Chat Advocates

Needle is a highly creative company. Their idea is to hire brand “Advocates – brand ambassadors who live and breathe the product line – to guide shoppers from curiosity to purchase”.

If you are know a product or service inside out, Needle may hire you to provide customer support. Of course, many of their side jobs could involve live chat support using email and mobile chat.

Live Chat Jobs from Home: Conclusion

Live chat jobs from home provide great opportunities to work at home and make extra money online. If you are really passionate and search a little more, live chat job opportunities abound. You will surely find the online chat job you deserve.


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