Make Good Money Online: 99 Ways to Make Money Online in 2018

Make good money online from the comfort of your home. This would be a dream come true for many people looking to make money online. If they could figure out how to profit from a site or some other online money making ways, they could leave their job to spend time around the business, investing more time with their family and live life to its fullest. The Internet has opened up such a large number of opportunities for all people regardless of the limitation of age, background or area; now all of us are empowered to make money online from the comfort of our homes. Thanks to the magic of the internet. (there are affiliate links on this page, see below for full details. Thanks for your support)

How to Make Good Money Online?

Below is a screenshot of real Fiverr money made online a few days ago. This is a real life proof that you can actually make money online and work from home if you believe and work smart. Of course, to make money online, you will need the best laptop. On this page, we will show you our simple, easy to follow guide which include 99 ways to make good money online right now.  See the real Fiverr money screenshot below;make good money online


If you are thinking of how to make a lot of money online, here are some ways to make good money online;

  1. Proofreading Editing Jobs Online

Proofreading editing jobs online have really helped a lot of people to make money online. work from home. You can make good money online by working as an article proofreader. Freelance proofreading and editing not only pays a better than average hourly salary, it also gives you the opportunity to read about interesting subjects as well. In addition, editing and freelance writing jobs are top ways to make money online.  

  1. Start a a WordPress Blog 

 Pat Flynn made more than $2 million from his blog last year. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner also makes more than $100,000 from her blog every month. Blogging pays. You can start a wordpress blog or at least you can write blog posts and get paid. With such huge numbers of websites requiring content, the site owners are shouting out for authors to deliver interesting blog posts all the time. Writing blog posts differs significantly in pay, from $5 to $250 for 1000 words. If you are very serious about becoming a writer, select a niche and become an expert on this subject. 

  1. Become a virtual assistant 

For example, many people are making between $25 and $50 work as Pinterest virtual assistants. If you have a talent for the company, you can earn money online as a virtual assistant helping top executives with travel arrangements and other business deals. A virtual assistant will do everything from accounting to database entry, managing email and booking travel. It’s a great way to make money online especially for females.

  1. Participate in medical studies

You can earn money online by participating in medical trials. There are different local hospitals offering money for high blood pressure patients to take part in the clinical trials. You can have a number of options for local studies by searching it online. Some pay as high as $1,750 per clinical trial.

  1. Help people with their resume

Forbes recently published an inspiring story about how one young lady make $48,000 a month by simply writing resumes on Fiverr. Yes, $48,000 a month! If you are thinking of how to make a lot of money online, help people with their resume. Resume plays an important role in making the first impression of the candidate and job seekers are willing to pay a decent amount for a good resume. You can make money online by helping other people make a good resume so they can find a good job.

  1. Make DIY or Cooking Videos

There are individuals out there earning money from them. 78% of B2C organizations rely upon user-generated content, similar to those videos, for marketing campaigns. You can work with brands like Revlon, Chanel, Mattel, BarkBox, and Nordstrom. On the other hand, you can use them to build your YouTube following. Making DIY or cooking videos is a good way to make good money online.

  1. Edit Videos Online

Online videos are booming like there’s no tomorrow. Furthermore, an ever-increasing number of individuals are searching for proficient help editing their videos into viral content that is worthy of posting. If you have the expertise and right software, you can make good money online by editing the videos. You can search for the online video editing jobs on, Production Hub or Creative Cow Job Search.

  1. Build a Niche Website

Discover an audience for your leisure activity and you’re ready to earn money online by means of a niche website. That obviously, is less demanding said than done. Making a good niche site requires significant investment and isn’t planned for the faint of heart. Think about whether your idea of making a niche website is good enough to earn money online. If the answer is yes then you can start building it and monetize your site through affiliate marketing, relevant products, and advertising. Some of the most profitable niches to consider are; weight loss, camping gear, parenting, lifestyle, food, dog training and more.make good money online

  1. Turn into a Contract Customer Service Superstar

Like conversing with individuals and helping walk them through issues? You can make money online as a contract customer support superstar for the organizations everywhere throughout the world. Because of the 24/7 requirement of online organizations, the organizations are searching for individuals in different time zones to assist them with client issues.

How to Make Good Money Online

  1. Become an Online Notary

A huge number of documents are authenticated in the United States:  contracts, wills, citizenship forms, and handgun applications etc. While for quite a long time, this has all been done face to face, however, there are some sites that enable public accountants to take their services online. If you are a notary, you can offer your services online and make money online.

  1. Start an eCommerce Site and Sell Physical Products

You may be in an ideal situation setting up a virtual shop and offering physical things. Sites like Shopify have made it very easy to build a good and flexible eCommerce site and start selling products now. This is one of the oldest methods to earn money online.

  1. Start Online Coaching and Sell Your Advice

Being an online mentor or advisor is an incredible method to earn money online, as opposed to giving your customer ongoing deliverable’s, you’re teaching them to be faster, better and stronger than the competition. Your expertise will be the product you are selling and you can make good money online from this.

  1.  Invest in Dividend Paying Stocks

It’s been said that a millionaire has seven income streams. Dividend stocks are one of them. If you are hoping to begin with dividend investing or any kind of stock market investment, consider looking at Acorns. This is a good app for beginners that can enable you to start investing using your cell phone.

  1.  Refer services or products and get paid

Make good money online by means of taking an interest in referrals. More money can be earned alongside rewards if you have a solid system of individuals or know some people who may fit this job perfectly. Start referring your friends and family; then may be move on neighbors and social media friends. Referring friends to online products like Fiverr, Fusion Cash, Swagbucks and Ibotta can help you to make good money online.


  1. Review search engine results

Google and the other search engines use very powerful algorithms to find out what pages to display for search results. However, there are people making money online by ensuring the machines are doing their job properly and efficiently.  With sites like Lionbridge and Appen, you can make good money online by conducting researches on the predefined search queries and giving feedback for said results.

  1. Write Reviews of the Places You’ve Been to.

It appears the world is now running on reviews. You can make good money online by thinking of them. Begin by creating accounts on sites like Software Judge, Vindale research, FameBit, CrowdTap, Influence Central, and Modern Mom. Be that as it may, before you start writing, make certain to check the fine print on every one of these websites. This way, you make sure you work with only legit sites and get a clean chance to make money online.

  1. Do Data Entry for Companies

Doing data entry for companies is one of the ways to make money online. If you have quick typing skills, you can earn online by entering data for organizations. You can search for data entry jobs right here on this website and also on sites like Indeed, UpWork, and Craigslist. Amazon data entry jobs from home are one of the best data entry jobs you can apply to.

  1. Become a travel agent

Becoming a travel agent is one of the best ways to make money online. No, you won’t need to sit in an office to do that. You can sell the tickets to clients from your home. You can work for a tourist company that hires people for remote work. Are you wondering how to earn money online from this travel business idea? You simply need to sell the tickets online and earn money, starting with social media promotion, and also friends and family. Then maybe later, you can build a website to promote your products.

  1. Copywriting

Writing copy for sites is another great option for freelancing for individuals who have a special interest with words. Copywriting can include writing content for sites, official statements, special disconnected materials including pamphlets and handouts, and some other expert content for organizations. Copywriting can be paid better than blog writing. It is one of the easiest and good ways to make money online.

  1. Write Industry Papers

If you have an experience with a specific field, you may find there is an interest in writing the industry papers in your specialized topic. For instance, there are adverts for lawyers, doctors, business specialists and nutritionists from specific niches, to write white papers on different branches of knowledge. These are good jobs to make money online that you should stake your reputation on, yet that can regularly be worked on from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Editing

People often wonder how to make a lot of money. If you are a good reader and have a good grip on language and grammar then editing might be a good job for you. Editing is an extraordinary method to earn money online, and there are editing jobs accessible on many job sites. Editors are generally get paid per word, so the quicker you can check through work the more cash you will make every hour.

  1. Website Design

If you have an eye for the design and some experience of making sites, at that point you could offer your services as an independent website developer or specialist. You should make your very own good and beautiful site, and have a couple of different projects that you can show the potential customers to demonstrate your abilities.

  1. Graphic Design

There are various freelance choices for graphic designers who are looking to make good money online. Designing different layouts and illustrations for special promotional material, book covers, magazines, corporate reports are the jobs that organizations are searching for online consultants to complete. Because of its nature, possibilities of graphic design can run from one-off tasks to ongoing work with the regular customers.

Make Good Money Online

  1. Make Logos

Logos are a significant part of any business, and a professional graphic designer can deliver attractive logos which will be incrediblly interesting for companies to use. In spite of the fact that there are various jobs for graphic designers promoted on different sites, pitching your creative work to organizations will empower you to make good money online for your work.

  1. Create Infographics

Infographics are as of now an amazingly prominent kind of media. An infographic demonstrating data or information in an intriguing and fun way can help connect with a group of people and produce various likes and offers. As infographics set aside more opportunity to make than just uploading a picture. Many website owners are ready to pay for the custom infographics.

  1. Computer Programming

If you have experience as a PC developer, or have the aptitudes in this field, at that point there is a lot of work you can get as a consultant. You will make real-life applications and projects, giving you experience and references to add to your CV.

  1. App Development

If you are thinking of how to make money online, applications development is a good way. With applications being continually developed, talented application developers are very high in demand. This is one of the legitimate ways to make money online. If you have the experience or aptitudes to make good applications then this could be something you could end up working on as an online app developer.

  1. Online PA (Virtual Assistants)

If you are eligible as an individual assistant, admin assistant, secretary or something in the same field, at that point becoming an online PA might be an incredible job for you. Numerous experts need somebody to help arrange their business and their personal affairs. You can make good money online by working as an online personal assistant.

  1. Social Marketing Manager

Another job to earn online is by becoming a social marketing manager. Being available on the social media is the key for any business that needs to get new customers, increase their following and promote their products. Also, to set aside extra cash, the social media managers are hired as online consultants.

  1. Online Marketing Consultant

If you have the marketing background, then why not set yourself up as an online marketing consultant. Taking a look at the marketing techniques, advising on the improvements and changes, and getting the projects off the ground are the well-paid jobs. You can make good money online by working as an online marketing consultant.

  1. Online SEO

Offering specific online SEO services is likewise another online specialist job that organizations are shouting out for. If you know how to enhance a site’s SEO by keyword research and writing content that can rank high in the search engines like Google, adding metadata or schema to posts and pages, and building backlinks to the domain, to give some examples of assignments, at that point this could be an awesome profession for you and is an answer to how to make a lot of money online.

  1. Set up Your Own Agency

When you have become well known as a successful consultant in your field, you will find that you are immersed with an excess of work to manage. So why not go up against other virtual workers and transform your one individual show into an office. Make your own online agency and earn money online.

  1. Sign up for Google AdSense

Google Adsense is another way to make good money online. Signing up with Google AdSense will empower you to profit from promoting on your blog. Google AdSense will put important advertisements around your site, and if your site visitors click on these ads, you will earn money online. Google Adsense if free to sign up for. Google approves most applicants as long as your  site shows decent traffic.

Ways to Make Good Money Online

  1. Banner Adverts

Making space for the banner Ads on your site is another approach to earn money online from adverts. Anyway for this kind of marketing you should contact organizations specifically and inquire as to whether they might want to advertise on your site. The upside is that you can charge a set sum or even a monthly fee to business to promote their services on your site.

  1. Paid Guest Posts

If you have a famous site then you can charge different bloggers to guest-post on your blog. Paid articles won’t just profit, they will likewise spare you time making your very own blog posts and provide unique and interesting content for the audience. You can charge anywhere from $100 to $500 per guest post, more or less.

  1. Paid Reviews

If your blog has a good audience, at that point organizations might be keen on paying you to review their products and services. You will get paid for writing reviews along with getting the products you are reviewing on. You can make good money online by writing reviews. Many review sites make great money. You can also do  product reviews on YouTube.

  1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing 

A standout among the best methods for monetizing your blog is through affiliate marketing with Amazon. This includes adding affiliate links from your website to the best selling, good-priced products on Amazon and promoting those products in the blog’s content. If one of the visitors navigates to Amazon and makes a buy then you will get a percentage of the sale. Amazon affiliate commision is from 1% to 10%, depending on the item. You can learn affiliate marketing for FREE.

  1. Run Webinars

Running and charging for online classes can be an awesome method to earn money online. Facilitating an online course can also be a good work. It is also a good way to build a good following in the niche and becoming an expert.

  1. Offer Paid Online Courses

Making and offering courses on your blog can be an effective method to make money online. The course itself ought to be relevant to your blog and in light of a theme that will profit the audience. Despite the fact that it might require investment to make the course in the primary occurrence, once finished, you can then over and again profit from the course each time you offer it.

  1. Charge to View Content

If your blog holds helpful information, you ought to consider charging the visitors to see this specific content. WPMU DEV has a Pay per View module that enables you to charge site visitors a fee or subscription to get to specific pages, media or posts.

  1. Transform Your Blog into a Membership Site

Once your blog starts getting high traffic volumes then it might be good to transform it into an out and out participation website. A membership website mostly keeps all the content hidden from the public, demanding that individuals register to get to the site’s posts and pages.

  1. 42. Write and Sell an eBook

Writing an eBook and then selling it on your blog can be one of the incredible ways to make good money online. Your eBook ought to be applicable to the content of the blog so you can pitch your book to your followers. Creating an eBook of training plans for a fitness blog or an eBook of recipes for your food blog are some good ideas.

  1. Offer Advertising on Your Videos

You may choose to make free videos as additional content for your blog, and not offer them by any stretch of imagination. If this is the situation then you can even now profit from these videos by offering to promote space on them. Use site like Izea to enable you to connect with organizations willing to pay to advertise on your blog via links.

  1. Display a Services Page

If you have a physical services business, at that point making a blog is a very important requirement. You can write about the different services you offer and how they will profit your customers on the blog. Significantly you can include a service page for the services you are offering, what they incorporate, and some other essential data potential customers may need.

  1. Coupons Website

Running a coupons site can be exceptionally lucrative. Discover a coupon specialty, select a WordPress coupon topic, and after that advertise important coupons on your site. When the audience use the coupon codes or the discount links, you will earn a good amount of money. You could set-up a web page connected to iHerb Coupons or Web Hosting Promo Codes.

  1. Travel Blog

Travel blogging is a difficult industry to break into. In any case, the prizes can be justified, despite all the trouble, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like to be paid for going the world over. There are various approaches to monetize travel blogs. Starting a travel blog is one of the best ways to make money online. Luxury Travel and yTravel blogs are good examples of travel blogs.

  1. Fitness Site

A fitness site can have various income streams. Make good dieting plans and lock them away as the premium content. You can also sell a fitness course, eBook, or a video series. Or on the other hand, promote your fitness services on your site. You can create good video content along with product reviews.

  1. Directory Site

Running a directory site can be a boring but good business; however, if you pick the correct specialty, it tends to be extremely beneficial. Directory sites can be monetized in a way by charging organizations to show their postings on your site. Postings can be paid for on a month to month basis, offering you to earn money online. Similarly, you can charge many organizations to claim their listings. It is a strategy used by numerous directory sites like Yelp and Google Business.

  1. Jobs Board Website

Making a jobs board site can be another way to make money online. The jobs field can be much complicated, so it is imperative to discover a specialty that is as yet shouting out for an employment board site. Monetize this sort of site by charging organizations to list their jobs on your site. The people searching for jobs will also get charges to access higher paying job advertisements.

Make Money Online

  1. Photography Site

If you are a good photographer and might want to be paid for your specialty, then you ought to think about setting up your own photography site. This is an extraordinary method to promote your creative work online as a photographer, as well as to offer your pictures. You can charge visitors to download your pictures. Or on the other hand, if you’d rather, transform your website into a paid membership webpage, with free downloads of all pictures for paying the subscribers. Cool idea.

  1. Multi-Vendor MarketPlace

The multi-vendor marketplace can be exceptionally effective. Select a specialty and build a vendor site for it. The marketplace could be anything, from a platform for the local painters to sell their work on, to an online store. When setting up, welcome individuals in that industry to offer their products on your site. You take a part of their income when things begin to make money.

  1. Selling on eBay

If you are extremely short on money and thinking of how to make money online, then you should begin by checking out your home. Get out your cabinets and discover any thing lying around that you don’t require or haven’t used for some time. At that point sell them on eBay. Cool, fast, easy way to make good money online.

  1. Retail Arbitrage

If you don’t have anything of significant worth to offer from home at that point retail arbitrage may be a superior alternative for you. Numerous individuals share in arbitrage to win some additional cash, and for some, it has even turned into their all day work. Retail arbitrage is the purchasing of merchandise at a low cost and afterward offering them on another platform at a higher cost.

  1. Make Your Own Product

Many people are talented enough to be designers. If you have a novel idea for a new product then it might be an ideal opportunity to get it designed. This can be a long procedure including discussion with the factories, designing, prototyping etc.

  1. Purchase from Alibaba

Alibaba is a famous Chinese eCommerce store that matches Chinese manufacturers with purchasers everywhere throughout the world. Prices are very cheap, giving the likelihood of vast benefits. However, with the profits comes more risk. You can likewise purchase in small quantity from Alibaba by means of another online service called Alibaba Express.

  1. Make Your Own WooCommerce Store

When you have chosen what kind of item you will offer, you have to choose where to offer them. Offering stock on Amazon or eBay isn’t the only option. Making your own eCommerce store is another approach to promote products and generate sales. WooCommerce is apparently the best WordPress eCommerce module for transforming your site into an online store. Features incorporate computerized online payments, product management, marketing support and more.

  1. Sell on Etsy

If you are creative, you could make money online by selling products on Etsy. It offers a good range of beautiful and unique things from the independent providers. Categories range from clothes, jewelry, art, vintage, and collectibles. So if you have some wonderful crafty creations, Etsy is the ideal platform to sell and earn money online fast and easy. Etsy is free to sign up and also Etsy processed $3 billion worth of transactions last year.

  1. Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is another good approach to make good money online. Right off the bat, you should discover organizations that offer products in your specialty that offer a drop shipping service. At that point, you should make a site selling and promoting products. Amazon and Shopify are some of the best drophipping sites.

  1. Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is a service offered by Amazon that will empower you to earn money online without any initial expense. To begin you have to sign up with Merch by Amazon. At that point basically, plan some T-shirt logos, and transfer them to your Merch account. When somebody makes a buy, Amazon deals with the production as well as shipping of that product. Easy way to earn good money online.

  1. Make Your Own Digital eCommerce Store

Creating a digital download store can be an awesome method to profit online from the digital assets, charging visitors a fee to download the digital product. Simple Digital Downloads is a famous WordPress module that will empower you to transform your site into an entire eCommerce answer for offering digital downloads.

  1. Amazon Audiobooks

Amazingly, one more Amazon benefit giving the likelihood to profit online is Audiobook Creation Exchange. You can make an audiobook, or make an audio version of an eBook as the complementary media. Furthermore, you can portray your book recording yourself, or Amazon can place you in contact with an expert to help. Once sold, you would then be able to win up to 40% royalties for every audiobook.

  1. Sell Your Photos on Shutterstock

If you are an expert photographer, or have a passion for photography, at that point offering your pictures on different websites could be a good idea. This should be possible nearby your very own photography site, as it is a decent way to help get your work seen by readers or audience.

  1. Make a Free App

Free applications have more possibility of being downloaded and can be monetized by the selling marketing space on the application itself. Be that as it may, if you need organizations to pay to promote on your application, you should have the ability to demonstrate a high number of downloads. To ensure you are set up to invest the effort to advance your application once it is made.

  1. Make and Sell SASS

Making Software as a Service (SASS) and charging individuals to use it a good way to make money online. Charge your clients a one-time fee to get to the device you have made or a month to month recurring installment. A helpful and prominent SASS can expect an exceptional yield, so if you have the programming aptitudes for such an undertaking it might be certainly worth your while.

  1. Design Themes

If you are a web developer at that point planning your very own topics is an undeniable way to take after if you are willing to make good money online.  Shopify, Tumblr, and Weebly are some names. When you have made your topic, get it acknowledged onto the marketplace and profit each time it sells.

  1. Develop WordPress Plugins

Driving on from the designing themes, you might need to try your hand at developing WordPress Plugins. To generate more sales it is important to make a pro and free version of each module. Free plugins can be added to the WordPress Repository, so the plugin is available for a large number of people. Users would then be able to move up to the pro version to access the advanced features.

  1. Star and Flip Websites

Effective sites can be offered for a considerable measure of cash. The site can resemble Flippa and could give a platform to exhibit sites to interested purchasers. If you have the expertise of putting a number of sites together, and know how to drive traffic and make a following, at that point making and offering sites may be one of the best ways to make money online.

  1. Re-sell Web Hosting

Re-selling your web hosting will be a good way to make money online by hosting your very own customer’s sites. Huge facilitating organizations like HostGator allow you to white label their facilitating services. You could begin your hosting business or, if you are a website specialist, incorporate hosting into web design packages. Furthermore, its best if the hosting organizations deal with the hosting for you, so all you have to stress over is selling.

  1. Become a YouTube Vlogger

Many young kids are making millions as vloggers. Renowned YouTube vloggers have followings in the thousands and have progressed toward becoming famous people in their very own right. Also, through ads on their videos, they have earned a lot of money online. Well known YouTube vloggers can be paid by different organizations to promote their sites, services, and products.

Make Good Money Online

  1. Test Apps and Websites

Organizations need to know how simple their sites are to use and the data you give them about the procedure help them to improve their user experience. If you’re searching for one of the most straightforward approaches to profit on the web, this is it.

  • UserFeel This organization pays around $10 per test.
  • Analysis Their tests take about 15 minutes to finish. They pay about $10 per test.
  • TryMyUI Tests take around 15-20 minutes to finish. Pay is around $10 per test.
  • Whatusersdo The pay is around $8 per test. Tests normally take around 20 minutes. You require a PC or Mac.
  • Enroll Earn money by testing the sites before they are distributed. You can earn money fast.
  1. Review Products on YouTube

You can make money online by reviewing products on YouTube. Many, many people, including kids are making a lot of money by simply reviewing products on YouTube. Products you can review include tech, beauty products and more.

  1. Sign Up for Free Gift Cards with Ebates

Ebates will give you a $10 gift card when you join and win your first cash back refund. It’s awesome for online customers. Ebates rewards program is absolutely free to use. You have to visit the Ebates site and go to the online store you want to shop at. If you purchase from the store, Ebates earns a commission that they will share with you. It’s a simple method to make good money online.

  1. Work for Amazon

Pick small tasks from Amazon Mechanical Turk. These are administrations that require human communication. You can work remotely and get paid by one of the world’s biggest retailers. Here are some task examples;

  • Select the right spelling for the search terms
  • Is this site appropriate for a general audience?
  • Find the thing number for the product in this picture
  • Rate the indexed lists for the keywords
  • Are these two items the same?
  • Choose the proper category for items
  • Categorize the tone of this article
  • Translate a section from English to French
  1. Participate in Sweepstakes, challenges and giveaways

There’s no assurance that you will win anything when participating in challenges, yet it is possible. You may win money, gift cards, give-away, hardware, and the sky is the limit from there. They key here is to enter the greatest number of sweepstakes as much as you can.

  1. Recycle

There are numerous things out there you can recycle for approaches to profit depending upon where you live. This may include metal, corks, plastic and more.

  1. Mystery shop

If you are thinking of how to make money online, Mystery shopping is a good option. Yes, you can really get paid to shop at stores and eat at eateries as a mystery shopper. It’s like a James Bond 007 way of making money online. You go in “stealthily”, get the job done and get paid fast.

  1. Try InboxDollars

InboxDollars is an online site for rewards. It is one of the best ways to discover ways to win additional cash and profit. You can win money by taking studies, online shopping, playing games, redeeming grocery coupons, and the sky is the limit from there.

  1. Sign up for is a travel trade between people, as opposed to bosses; with you perform tasks for the pay that are special to your country.

  1. Sign up for enables customers to post ventures on the web and have qualified service providers bid on them. You can make money online by working as a qualified service provider

  1. Get Money Back Instantly for Stuff You’ve Already Bought

Everyone loves refunds. It would be great to get cash back on things you’ve just bought without working for it. Paribus is also an online system that gives you a chance to see whether stores you’ve shopped at online owe you a discount or not. It is absolutely free to join and everyone is welcome to join. Paribus connects with the email account and checks the receipts. If they discover a retailer has dropped their price, they file a claim of price adjustment for you.

  1. Technical Freelancing

Freelancing isn’t tied in with the writing. You can do everything from designs, web development, and marketing and graphics jobs from the sites like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer and Demand Media.

  1. Play Games Online

You can also earn money online by playing games. If you are a game lover, you must know about poker or arcade. Play your favorite card games or riddle at InboxDollars. It is fun; in addition to you can play for nothing and get the rewards by competing for them.

  1. Participate in an online focus group

You can participate in an online focus group like the ProOpinion and earn money through gift card, check or a PayPal store.

  1. Examine the search engines

At the Leapforce, you can assess search engines by performing researches on the predefined questions, get them analyzed and providing feedback for the search engines results according to their relevance and usage.

  1. Maintain fan pages

Fan pages on Facebook and Twitter expect individuals to associate with them. Sign on to Fiverr and search jobs for maintaining fan pages. This is one of the legitimate ways to make money online.

  1. MobileWorks

MobileWorks includes jobs as a specialized virtual assistant, including tagging images, creative writing, and online research. It is important you should communicate in English.

How to Make Good Money Online

87. Start your YouTube Channel

People often wonder how to make a lot of money online. YouTube Channel is a good option. If you are good at cooking, painting, science mathematics or anything, start your YouTube Channel. If you are good at mathematics or science, make a series of your lecture and post it on your channel. You can also start a food channel if you have some good tips and recipes to share with your audience.

88. Donate Blood Plasma and Make up to $1000 a Month

Giving your body is an incredible method to help other individuals in need, and some of the blood plasma donations centers even pay more. Some people donate platelets and plasma on a regular basis. It’s an incredible method to give back to the community. You also make money. So you win twice. To discover a plasma donation center close to you that compensates the donors, visit

89. Become a Notary

It may cost more to get registered in many states, however, once you’re enrolled, you can charge whatever fee you need for the services, as long as it’s legal.

90. Be a Coach/Trainer for a Specific Sport

Becoming a trainer or a coach for a sport is one of the interesting and healthy ways to earn money online. You can post the fitness lesson or sports training videos online. If you have particular expertise in any game, there are many openings out there for showing others the essentials (and getting paid).

91. Edit College Admissions Essays

If you are good enough about your marketing and have the ability to target parents and guardians, you can profit in this specialty. Most guardians are glad to pay for editing their children’s essays.

92. Take an interest in Paid Research Studies

If you happen to live near a college, there are likely a wide range of research studies to undertake. For example, you will get paid $500 to take part in a 5 to 6-week study. They are a different topic of research studies that you can do. You will get paid according to the type of research study you are participating in.

93. Sell your junk mail

No one likes to get junk mails. That is the reason we call it garbage. Other than putting junk mails in the trash what would you be able to do with it? The Small Business Knowledge Center is a statistical surveying organization that will take your garbage mail and email and gives you a Visa prepaid card.

94. Use Swagbucks for Online Search

Swagbucks is a wonderful method to earn money online. They have a tool for searching, which is much the same as using Google to do your online searches, with the exception that you get compensated SBs (money) for the things you do through their site. Reclaim SBs for the rewards for as low as $5 or less.

95. Get rewards and bonuses for using a Credit card

Fusion Cash for example can help you earn money from using your credit cards. There are many credit cards out there that will give you cash back for using them. If you are great with credit cards, this is something to investigate as you can profit without doing much.

96. Moderate Forums

Some of the forums will pay you to moderate their message boards. If there is a forum you frequently visit, you should need to check whether they are hiring.

97. Sell Your Notes

You can earn money online by selling your notes to students. If you are good at making notes then you are going to earn a lot of money by selling them online. There are a number of students willing to pay for getting good notes of their course.

  1. Become a Clickworker

The concept of is based on internet crowd-sourcing. Here businesses advertise some specific tasks. There are a number of tasks like form filling, data entry, and research. You are paid in cash via Paypal for the work, and you can choose when you want to work and what type of work to do.

  1. Become a Mentor

If you are skilled in a specific field, you may have the skill set to provide your guidelines to others. Business, weight loss, nutrition, and relationships are some of the main areas of interest for people. You provide a guideline to people and earn money online.

Make Good Money Online – Conclusion

If you really want to make good money online, there are several legitimate ways to earn good money online. For example, proofreading jobs from home, Pinterest jobs, affiliate marketing are some of the ways proven to work. Of course, in all online work, you will need the best laptop computer. It’s up to you to try. If you have time, creative ability and an enthusiasm for nearly anything, you might have the ability to earn good money online. One day you could even make your own success story but you first have to give it a try. Get started and you could well be on your way to making good money online. Good luck!



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