Online English Positions – 4 Reasons Why English is Booming In China

online english positions

Online English Positions – 4 Reasons Why English is Booming In China


“The English are coming! The English are coming! The English are coming!”

I can see the Chinese running for cover and hiding in their nuclear bunkers.

A massive army of English speakers is invading China. It’s like a huge Armada of battleships is manoeuvring to invade China.

This time they are attacking China from space, cyberspace, from the air, sea and land. Now, no one knows what will happen to human civilization!

Oops! It’s only a dream.

No, it’s not. It’s real. Reminiscent of the Opium War of the 1830s and beyond, the English are invading China. Again! The only difference is that, this time, the English are invading China without firing a single shot.

This is the largest non-violent, verbal invasion in the history of humanity. And guess what; the invasion is being led by The English Language!

The scramble is on. Millions, probably tens of millions of Chinese are scrambling to learn English, much of it taking place online. Unlike the 1830s Opium War, this invasion is not military in nature. It’s purely non-violent and self-invited.

Boy, the English didn’t blink: English-speaking Allies are swooping in to make a killing. With no barricades and trenches, and no snipers, the road is clear all the way to Beijing and Shanghai.

Teaching English online to the Chinese is now big business. And for work from home lovers, as I like to call us, this is a great opportunity to profit.

So why are tens of millions of 1.3 billion Chinese scrambling to learn English? The answers may well surprise you.

Online English Positions: Now, here are 4 Reasons Why English is Booming In China;

1.Chinese companies expanding abroad;

Wave after wave of Chinese companies are rolling out overseas expansion in ways that have amazed the world. China desperately needs massive natural resources to feed her 1.3 billion people.

In this situation, merely investing abroad is not enough, according to the Chinese way of thinking. They must strategically secure resources abroad. Mission-focused Chinese companies are leading the charge. And since English is the language of global commerce, the Chinese have no choice but to learn English.

For example, FoxBusiness News just reported this;

“China’s sovereign wealth fund is expanding its presence in Europe by acquiring a warehouse company in a 12.25 billion euro ($13.8 billion) deal.

China’s sovereign wealth fund is expanding its presence in Europe by acquiring a warehouse company in a 12.25 billion euro ($13.8 billion) deal.

China Investment Corp.’s purchase of Logicor from U.S. investment firm Blackstone Group adds to a multibillion-dollar string of Chinese acquisitions in Europe.

Logicor operates in 17 countries including Britain, Germany and France, from Blackstone Group, a U.S. investment firm. Blackstone said the company was “ideally positioned” to profit from growth in e-commerce.  Chinese companies are in the midst of a multibillion-dollar global buying spree to acquire brands, technology and real estate.”

2. Anglo-American companies flocking to China to do Business

In terms of overseas investments, the Americans are not taking it on the chin. (Oh boy, chin is actually the root of the Chinese word for China). 

The Americans are returning fire. Anglo-American companies and companies from around the world are also going to China to do business. During the California gold rush, the word on the street was “Go West, Young Man!”   Now, it appears the new word on the street is this: “Go East, Young Man!”  Meaning, go make it in China (and Asia)

Seeking Alpha also just reported that a company partly owned by Bain Capital has just launched a $100 million IPO in the “China-English” space.

Remember, Bain Capital is the company in which Mitt Romney, former Republican presidential candidate, still has strong financial interests and or personal connections.

China-based RISE Education wants to raise $100 million in an IPO. RISE provides English language education to Chinese students aged 3 to 18 and is part owned by Bain Capital.

The firm is growing rapidly, but its VIE structure is a risk to foreign investors…. RISE Education Cayman (REDU) intends to raise up to $100 million in an IPO of its American Depositary Shares.

RISE provides after-school English training and tutoring services for students between the ages of 3 and 18 throughout mainland China.

RISE Education pioneered the “subject-based learning” teaching philosophy in China, which promotes a method that combines various subject matters, including language arts, math, natural science, and social science to teach English.


3.The Chinese are Getting Richer and Have More Disposable Income

The Chinese are getting richer year after year. Each year, Forbes reports how more and more Chinese people are joining the billionaire and millionaire lists.

You know, when you have more money on your hands, you find a way to use it. For the wealthy Chinese, learning English online is part of their personal development and status symbol. For their children to graduate with “full English-Speaking Honors”, it’s a dream come true for millions of Chinese families. Period.

4. The Chinese are Taking More Vacations Abroad and They Want to Speak Good English

I remember one day, sitting in front of the New York Stock Exchange. I mean, I was there live, taking my lunch break and enjoying some hot dogs and coke.

I turned around for a second and all I saw were dozens of camera-flashing Chinese tourists. I looked carefully again and I saw that all of them were Chinese tourists. I was fascinated by this, so I spoke with one of them who confirmed they were from China.

Remember, these Chinese were NOT your Joe and Jane Average type of travellers who will scramble to book motel rooms before they go. Heck no. These were wealthy Chinese tourists who had painstakingly and specially flown 24 to 48 hours to come to New York City.

These Chinese tourists stay in 3 star, 4 star and 5-star hotels, rent cars and shop big at places like Macy’s. Like the legendary African King, Mansa Musa and his caravans of gold, these Chinese tourists move markets! Hahaha! (True: South Korea recently took a big economic hit as Chinese tourists briefly boycotted that country)

That moment in front of the New York Stock Exchange really hit my soul. It finally dawned on me that the explosive growth in Chinese prosperity is not only real, it’s also game-changing on a historic, global scale.

This big boom in Chinese people learning English online is only part of the big picture of a Chinese Teutonic Ascent.

Work from home lovers can play and win in this Chinese-English game too.

Online English Positions: How Work from Home Moms and Dads Can Get Paid to Teach English Online

If you are a native English speaker, this is a great opportunity to profit. For stay at home Moms and Dads, it’s a golden opportunity to work from home and make extra money by teaching English online.

Are you looking for Online English Positions? In my next article, I hope to take a good look at the top companies leading the charge in online tutoring in this Chinese-English boom. Watch this space!

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