Paragon Planners is Still Hiring Virtual Assistants in 11 States

Paragon Planners is Still Hiring Virtual Assistants in 19 States

Why Paragon Planners is Hiring 500 Work from Home Employees in 11 States

Paragon Planners is Still Hiring Virtual Assistants in 11 States

This is the latest update for this story. Based on our latest research and assessment, we believe Paragon Planners is still hiring Virtual Assistants in 11 States. They are almost always hiring Virtual Assistants. This is the latest, updated news for Paragon Planners.

Paragon Planners is on the move again.

This time, the company is bringing out its heavy artillery and making big waves.

Paragon Planners Work from Home Jobs

Paragon Planners is hiring for work from home jobs in as many as 11 states. Although the company did not indicate how many work from home employees it is hiring, an analysis of the company’s business model shows that the company could be hiring between 200 and 500 work from home employees from 11 states in the near term.

As a business model, Paragon Planners specializes in appointment setting, territory management and sales support for professionals in the financial industry. They focus on scheduling, marketing, administrative support, event planning and execution.

As appointment setters for busy executives, primarily, Paragon Planners’ business model is very human-intensive. This is about people working with and for people. So for 11 states, they will probably need between 200 and 500 new work from home employees.

The 11 states Paragon Planners is hiring from are; AZ, CA, FL, KS, MO, NC, OH, OR, PA, TX, WA

Paragon Planners Work from Home Jobs
Paragon Planners Work from Home Jobs — This Holiday Season, Executives Will Be Busy with Travel for Family, Business and Pleasure. Music to Paragon Planners Ears!

Here are 3 strong reasons why Paragon Planners is hiring about 200 to 500 work from home employees;

  1. The Busiest Holiday Shopping Season;

We have the biggest holiday shopping seasons as follows;

    Halloween Shopping

    Thanksgiving Shopping

    Black Friday Shopping

    Cyber Monday Shopping

    Christmas Holidays Shopping

   New Year’s Day Shopping

These are the busiest money-making period on the business calendar. Busy executives will have their hands full with tons of appointments for purely business and promotional reasons during the above holidays

  1. Holiday Travel for busy executives

Personally, busy executives will also need to set important appointments for their own purposes as they visit family and friends in the U.S. That keeps Paragon Planners busy. Which also means more work from home jobs.

  1. Traditional Travel Season

Forget shopping season family-oriented travel. One of the major traditional travel seasons starts from November to March. Executives will be travelling for pleasure and to have some fun under the sun in Florida, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and all over the world.

The above reasons will keep Paragon Planners at their busiest level and that would require between 200 and 500 work from home employee. No wonder they are hiring in 11 states!

Apply NOW

Paragon Planners work from home jobs offer “Positions up to 35 hours a week (and) are available on an employee basis”

If you are Interested this work from home job with Paragon Planners;

Send a resume and cover letter to Michelle Allen at For inquiries, please call (877) 635-6049.

Photo Credit: Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation


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