Sales : Your Nuclear Option for 2018 – Tips from Cardone University

sales techniques tips

Right now, sales techniques tips are literally begging to be used. Seriously.

Small businesses are not “selling” enough. That’s a problem. Big problem.


That’s all because sales techniques tips are not being used enough by small businesses across America.

That’s why many small businesses feel like they are stuck in trenches on the business battlefield.

For many small businesses, 2018 is a make or break year. The ability to sell will make a difference between profit or loss. Black or red.

According to Grant Cardone, 22 million small businesses are underwater or struggling to stay above water. Rating is available for Cardone University.

The truth is, if you’re not selling, you’re not jelling; and if you’re not jelling, you’re not earning.

In the dog-eat-dog world of business, the survival rules are clear: either you earn or burn!

…… Sell…. or…. die!!!!!! Of course, Cardone University is famous for their real estate sales tips.


A clear path to profitability must be charted. On this battlefield of business, the stalemate must be broken with a decisive victory.

Sales will be the nuclear option that delivers a decisive victory in ways that get business owners laughing all the way to the bank.

When I use the term “Sales”, I am talking about the ability to sell profitably. Period.

Selling here means we must have the ability to effectively communicate our ideas, position or product benefits to our target audience and gain new customers.

As Cramer will say, “Sell, Sell, Sell!”

Sales Techniques TipsWe Must Learn from The Most Powerful Companies and Nations

Below FACTS show that there’s a clear positive correlation between the ability to”sell” and prosperity.

This is the truth at all levels of society: the individual or personal level, family level, corporate level and national level!!!

As the data below from Business Insider clearly show, companies and nations that are good at selling usually do well.


The Top 20 Companies/Brands with the biggest advertising budgets (for 2016) are as follows:

  1. Pampers – $8.3bn
  2. Gillette – $8.3bn
  3. L’Oreal – $8.2bn
  4. Chevrolet – $5.1bn
  5. Louis Vuitton – $4.4bn
  6. Ford – $4.3bn
  7. Coca-Cola – $4bn
  8. Amazon – $3.8bn
  9. Sony – $3.7bn
  10. AT&T – $3.6bn
  11. Lexus – $3.6bn
  12. Toyota – $3.6bn
  13. Samsung – $3.3bn
  14. NIKE – $3.2bn
  15. Google – $3.2bn
  16. American Express – $3.1bn
  17. T-Mobile – $2.9bn
  18. Nissan – $2.8bn
  19. Verizon – $2.7bn
  20. Chase – $2.7bn


The Top 20 Most Valuable Brands/Companies are shown below;

sales techniques tips

Source: Interbrand 2017 Report


sales techniques tips

Source: AdAge

The lessons from the above data are all clear: brands, companies and nations that are great at “selling themselves” do much better than those that are terrible at selling!

Is it any wonder that Fortune 500 companies and powerful nations spend millions to hire PR experts to “sell” them by improving their image?


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Cardone University in Action! It’s All About Sales: Mastering Sales Techniques Tips

You Want to Make Money, Right?  But can you sell?

Neil Patel can sell, But can you sell? huh? Tim Ferris, Tim Sykes, Michelle-Schroeder Gardner and Pat Flynn can sell. But can you sell?

To be successful, you must have the ability to “sell”: “sell” your business plans, sell your products and services, sell your ideas to investors, to employees, etc. YOU EVEN HAVE TO SELL TO YOURSELF!  We even sell to our partners before we propose marriage!


Like I said, “selling” here means we must have the ability or skills to effectively communicate our ideas or position and win over the other party.

sales techniques tips

 In 2018, selling will make the difference in your life and business.

First, SHARPEN YOUR SELLING SKILLS, then money will follow.


America’s #1 Sales Expert will guide you to master the art and science of selling. His name is Grant Cardone. Multimillionaire Grant Cardone will teach you the secrets you need.

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Master SALES and all other things shall be added unto you!


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Make 2018 Your BEST YEAR


Sales Techniques Tips – Sales Spending is an Investment, NOT an Expense

The problem with many small businesses is that they see sales spending as an expense. Big mistake.

Sales spending must be seen as a core investment; game-changing investment dollars.

Salesmen or sales activities are your Special Forces; these Special Forces are in the frontlines of the battle and they make a difference between victory or defeat.


Remember, if you’re not selling, you’re not jelling; and if you’re not jelling, you’re not earning.

Either you….earn….or….burn!

Remember, sales is your nuclear option for a decisive victory in the battlespace of business.

Mastering sales techniques tips will deliver the knockout blow your business desperately needs.

It’s time to get out of the trenches. It’s time for a breakout.






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