What is the Best Recurring Affiliate Program? (2018 Best Guide)

27 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

What is the Best Recurring Affiliate Program? That’s a million dollar question. Here, we will show you 27 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs. The reality is that every online marketer wants to apply for the best recurring affiliate products. The good news is that you can indeed apply for these best recurring affiliate programs to earn passive income online. (see our affiliate disclosure below). You can potentially earn huge recurring affiliate commissions on auto pilot from these 27 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs! Remember, you will need the best laptop for making money online and also the best affiliate marketing courses.

For example, since 2008, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income blog has made more than $5 million. 85% of that $5 million, that’s $4,250,000 came from affiliate marketing. 85% of Pat Flynn’s annual income comes from affiliate marketing! If you want to work from home or make money online, your best bet is to focus on affiliate marketing

Imagine you have 100 people from all over the world who have bought from your affiliate link. Let’s say each person is a recurring customer who brings in $50 affiliate commission to you every month.

Let’s do the math: 100 x $50 = $5,000 a month. Multiply that by 12 months and you have  a cool $60,000 a year. Remember, $60,000 is more than the annual salary of most Americans.  Real money comes from affiliate marketing websites.

How about stepping this up…. If you are able to win over 1,000 customers from all over the world who bought from your affiliate link, with each person bringing you $50 in affiliate commission every month.

You do the math: 1,000 x $50 = $50,000 a month. Multiply that by 12 months and that’s a YUUUGE $600,000 a year! At this rate, you will be well on your way to becoming a millionaire.

It’s no secret that most millionaire affiliate marketers make the lion’s share of their money similar to this scenario using the affiliate programs listed below. These millionaire affiliate marketers include Syed Balkhi of WP Beginner, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income blog, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents and many others.

This is proof that if you learn from the right affiliate marketing courses, it can really pay off. These 27 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs pay good affiliate commissions as you will see below.

Thankfully, the above millionaire affiliate marketers are good people who regularly publish their income reports for all to see and also gladly teach others to make money online with the best recurring affiliate programs. Of course, you have to use the right tools for making money online.

What is the Best Recurring Affiliate Program?

The potential to earn decent money from these high paying recurring affiliate programs is huge. This is why we are shedding more light on these highest paying affiliate programs, including 27 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs.

In this blog post, we will focus on 6 important factors;

  1. Provide inside secrets on how millionaire affiliate marketers make most of their money.
  2. Show you the highest paying affiliate programs.
  3. Provide details on how much commissions they pay.
  4. Give more details on which affiliate programs are recurring and which ones are NOT.
  5. Provide you with direct links for you to check out their products or sign up for their affiliate programs.
  6. Inspire you to take action and make extra money online from home or anywhere.


what is the best recurring affiliate program


What is the Best Recurring Affiliate Program?

The good news is that most of these best recurring affiliate programs offer automatic approvals for most applicants. You can be sure that up to 95% of all good applicants will be approved by these passive income lifetime affiliate programs. This is one of the most legitimate work from home jobs.

Please note that some of the biggest affiliate programs do not pay recurring affiliate commission. They include Amazon, Bluehost , HostGator and SiteGround. For example, Bluehost paid more than $10 million in affiliate commission last year.

We have included these major affiliate programs on our highest paying affiliate programs list below so that we can all get a good general idea of the best affiliate programs for making money online.

Please find below the list of top residual income affiliate programs; here are 27 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for making money online;


Affiliate Programs       Commission         Recurring Commission        Products          Sign Up  

Bluehost                    $65 – $100 per sale             No                           Web Hosting        Sign Up


HostGator                 $50 – $100 per sale             No                           Web Hosting        Sign Up


SiteGround                $50 – $100 per sale            No                           Web Hosting        Sign Up


Amazon                     4% to 10% per sale             No                           Retail Products     Sign Up


Pinterest VA Course  40% per sale                     Yes (20%)             Virtual Assistant    Sign Up


Proofread Anywhere   30% per sale                   Yes (30%)              Proofreading         Sign Up


Pat Flynn                       30% per sale                   N/A                       Affiliate Marketing  Sign Up


Wealthy Affiliate         about 50% per sale         Yes                        Affiliate Marketing  Sign Up


Tailwind                        15% per sale                     Yes                      Pinterest Scheduling  Sign Up


LeadPages                    30% per sale                    Yes                       Landing Pages             Sign Up


GetResponse               33% per sale                    Yes                       Email Marketing         Sign Up


ClickFunnels               40% per sale                   Yes                       Landing Pages              Sign Up


ConvertKit                  30% per sale                    Yes                       Email Marketing          Sign Up


SEMRUSH                  40% per sale                    Yes                        SEO Marketing           Sign Up


KWFinder                   30% per sale                    Yes                          SEO Marketing          Sign Up


Fusion Cash               25% to 50% per sale       Yes                          Surveys/Rewards      Sign Up


Aweber                       30% per sale                     Yes                          Email Marketing        Sign Up


MailerLite                  30% per sale                     Yes                         Email Marketing         Sign Up


BC Stack                     50% per sale                    Yes (10%)              Online Products          Sign Up      


Ultimate Bundles     40% per sale                     Yes (10%)            Online Products           Sign Up     


Jaaxy.com                 about 50% per sale           Yes                       SEO services                Sign Up


Sumo                          30% per sale                      Yes                      Email Marketing         Sign Up


TubeBuddy             about 50% per sale             Yes                    YouTube Videos            Sign Up


PicMonkey              50% per sale                       Yes (25%)         Design Services             Sign Up


Thrive Themes       35% per sale                        Yes (25%)       Website Products          Sign Up


Elegant Themes     50% per sale                        Yes                   Design Services              Sign Up


MyThemeShop      55% per sale                         Yes (10%)      Website Products             Sign Up


Highest Paying Affiliate Programs with 365-Day Affiliate Cookies

As you can see above, with their high commissions, these are the most generous high paying recurring affiliate programs. Some of them offer at least 30-day cookies and up to 365-day cookies for their affiliates. This means that if a customer clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product within 365 days or one year, you will still earn affiliate commission!

A few of these top recurring affiliate programs have a waiting period before they pay out…like 45 days or 60 days. However, many of them pay out every month. Some even pay out their affiliate commissions every 2 weeks.

For example, Pinterest VA Course  is one of the most popular Pinterest courses right now and they pay affiliate commissions every 2 weeks. 

SiteGround also pays commissions every 2 weeks and SiteGround is probably the best web hosting company with superior 5-star speed and customer support.

What is the Best Recurring Affiliate Program?

Now that we have answered the question What is the Best Recurring Affiliate Program?, let’s see how they pay…which is super important, right?

Most of the above Best Recurring Affiliate Programs pay their affiliate using the payment methods below;

  • PayPal: PayPal is by far the most commonly used, the safest and most recommended
  • Direct Deposit: direct deposit to your bank account (available to all U.S residents and other countries)
  • Checks: they will mail a paper check to your house (but that can take longer)

27 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs: Conclusion

Now, we no longer have to ask the question What is the Best Recurring Affiliate Program? One thing is clear: the above 27 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs and companies offer the highest quality and the best selling products in their niche.

So when you promote these best recurring affiliate programs, you will help millions of people get the products they need to make money and earn a decent living. 

You could also receive good affiliate commissions from these High Paying Recurring Affiliate Programs. So you win in both ways. Of course, this is one of the Best Ways to Make Extra Money Online.

Soon, one of these days, you could get an email from PayPal. And it would probably read like this: “you’ve got cash!”



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Affiliate Disclosure: All emails, social media shares, all communications, blog posts and all content on our website and outside our website may contain affiliate or partner links and or offers at all times which may result in compensation to us. Click here to read our full affiliate disclosure page.We only recommend products that we and our families would love to use and or believe will benefit our readers and subscribers.  Thanks for your support.


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