30 Work at Home Jobs That Pay Weekly

Work at Home jobs that pay weekly

If you are looking for work from home jobs that pay weekly or online jobs that pay weekly, you have come to the right place. We have specially handpicked first class work from home jobs that pay weekly. Some of these jobs pay even faster than weekly. This is a great opportunity to make extra money from the comfort of your own home.

Here at How We Make Money Online, it’s our policy to post only first class work from home jobs that pay $10 or more. As you will see below, nearly all our job posts come from Fortune 500 companies or well-known multinational companies like Amazon. (There may be affiliate links on this page. Please read our affiliate disclosure below. Thanks for your support)

We also post jobs that almost anyone can do easily and get paid decent hourly salaries. No nickel and dimes, no jumping through hoops. Period.

So whether you are looking for genius ways to make extra money, pay the rent, pay for your next vacation, to pay credit card bills, buy cool gifts for the kids and loved ones, get out of debt, pay student loans, bounce back from a tough break-up, or whatever it is, we’ve got you covered. All listed jobs below do not require a degree! And no license is needed.

Please click on the desired link below to see more details and apply. Here are genius ways to make extra money from home with work at home jobs that pay weekly;

1. Become a Community Ambassador at Yelp

Yelp hires work from home people to promote the reviews site on social media and at selected community events.

2. Earn Extra Money as an Air Ambassador at Airbnb.

Airbnb also hires work from home fans to promote the company on social media and at selected fun events. You will be hired to work from home as Air Ambassador at Airbnb.

3. Amazon Jobs – Get Paid Weekly with Amazon Data Entry Work from Home Jobs.

Amazon data entry jobs are so cool and highly sought after due to its flexibility and stable pay. Amazon data entry jobs or Mechanical Turk jobs are almost always available; you just have to really understand how it works, pick the right gigs(hits) to make extra money from home.

4. Become a customer service representative for Amazon.

Amazon again hires real customer service representatives to help with online shipping and other customer-related issues. Amazon hires regularly for these positions and some forms of these work from home jobs are almost always available.

5. Nestle Wants to Pay You $14 an Hour. Every Week!

Nestle, the Swiss consumer giant hires people to work from home and help out with customer service. Most of these Nestle jobs start at $14 an hour and you get paid weekly.

6. Work for PNC Bank and Get Paid Weekly

Pennsylvania-based PNC Bank is now aggressively hiring work from home customer service representatives. It’s one of the best work from home jobs that pay weekly.

7. U.S Bank Pays You Weekly to Work from Home.

U.S Bank is another big bank that is aggressively hiring work from home. U.S Bank is now hiring in selected states across the United States. And you get to work from home.

8. Get Paid to Review Ads for Big Brands

This work from home job is available in all 50 states of the United States. You get to review online and search engine ads for big brands. And you can make cool extra money every week from home.

9.Become an Apple Care Work at Home Advisor

Apple, the maker of iPhones, is one of the most dedicated work from home companies. They are almost always hiring. Apple usually has work from home customer service jobs. They also have a program in which they hire students to become Apple Ambassadors on campuses across all 50 states of the United States.

10. Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and Get Paid Weekly.

Pinterest has become the most adored media site! Especially for millions of females in the United States and around the world, Pinterest has become a “darling site”. The sweetest part of this Pinterest revolution is that, millions of people are making money on Pinterest as bloggers, Virtual Assistants, etc. Once you become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you can make make between $25 and $50 an hour and get paid weekly (depending on your clients)

11. Browse the Internet and Get Paid Weekly

This cool company hires people to browse the internet and rate search engine results from Google and others. You work from home, and you get paid weekly.

12. Watch Videos, Read Emails, Do Quick Surveys and Get Paid Weekly at Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash is another cool reward site. You get to watch videos, read emails, do quick surveys, all working from home. Some of their jobs pay even earlier than weekly; others pay after you meet certain dollar amount threshold. You can even make extra money daily, but for some gigs, you may redeem when you earn $25 or more.

13. Swagbucks: Get Paid to Shop and Watch Videos

Swagbucks is another all-time favorite rewards site. They have paid more than $269 million to their members like you. You shop, watch videos, do survey, do other simple tasks and you get paid points or rewards. Rewards can be redeemed through  gift cards or by cash.

14. Proofread from Anywhere and Get Paid Weekly

Remote proofreading is also becoming very popular. You can proofread documents from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere. And depending on your clients, you can get paid weekly or even earlier.

15. Ibotta: Shop, Take Photo of Your Receipt and Make Extra Money at Ibotta.

Ibotta is another all-time popular rewards site. You can signup, shop, take photos of your receipts and make extra money from home.

16. Complete Simple Task Online and Get Paid Weekly with ClickWorker.

Clickworker is another website that let you do simple everyday tasks. They have been around for quite some time and they are so cool.

17. Work at Home for a Bank and Get Paid Weekly

This company hires you to work from home for big banks. You will do customer service jobs for big banks from your own home and you get paid weekly.

18.Become a Customer Service Representative at LiveOps.

Make up to $2,000 a month at LiveOps. LiveOps is one of the most experienced work from home companies. They offer flexible work from home jobs and you get paid weekly.

19. Teach English Online and Get Paid Weekly

These 13 companies hire you to teach English online to mostly Chinese students. Some pay as much as $22 an hour. Right now, they are hiring like crazy!

20. Donate Blood Plasma and Make Extra $1,000 a Month.

Funny world. But that’s life. There are many companies that pay people to donate their blood plasma. You can get paid weekly, and make between $400 and $1000 a month, depending on frequency of donation and the company.

21. Send Flowers at Blooms Today and Earn Extra Cash Weekly. Make up to $24 an Hour!

This cool company hires you to work from home. All you do is help to send flowers to their customers who order them. And you get paid weekly.

22. Watch Videos at UserTesting and Get Paid Weekly.

Usertesting is an app or website that pays you to watch videos online. You review the videos and verbally tell them your opinion. Usertesting pays you $10 to complete specific tasks.

23. At-Home Insurance Customer Service Specialists . Hiring in about 30 states

This cool company hires people to work from home and provide customer support to their insurance clients. No degree needed, no insurance license needed. Get paid weekly. Yeah.

24. Gametime App: Help Guests Buy Tickets and Get Paid Weekly

At Gametime, they hire you to provide customer support to people who buy tickets for events like NFL, concerts, etc. They pay between $15 and $22 an hour. Right now, Gametime is one of the best work from home companies. And they are aggressively hiring right now!

25. Cool with Dogs? Become a Dog Sitter with Rover.com

Rover helps people to pet-sit dogs from the comfort of their own home. If you are cool with dogs, this gig can help you make extra money every week.

26. Become a Social Media Evaluator at Appen

Appen is another reliable work from home employer. As a Social Media Evaluator with Appen, you have the opportunity to provide cool feedback on Social Media news feeds, advertisements and search results. And you get to make extra money every week.

27. Join Fiverr and Do Simple, Cool Gigs.

Fiverr is one of the most respected websites for freelancers. At Fiverr, they have different types of gigs for almost every skill you have. And you get to make extra money from home. Weekly or earlier.

28. Transcribe Documents from Home and Get paid fast.

This company hires you to transcribe documents from the comfort of your own home. Transcription jobs are becoming quite popular due to their flexibility and decent pay.

29. Help Seniors with their medication at Cardinal Health.

No medical license needed. No degree needed. You basically help to “remind” people about their medication. You will be a link between the “Senior Citizen” and their Pharmacist or Nurse. So cool.

30. What’s in Your Wallet? Work for Capital One Bank and Get Paid weekly.

Capital One Bank is now hiring work from home people in selected U.S States. Work from home and get paid weekly.

Extra Extra! Read all about it! See bonus work from home jobs below;

Rock Solid idea! Become a Customer Service Representative for Prudential Financial

Help Kids to Read More and Get Paid Weekly

Start Writing with Textbroker and get Paid Weekly


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